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No Days Off lyrics

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Wale – No Days Off lyrics

[Verse 1: Wale]
Revolution might be televised
But make sure if they do see
Them people see my good side
Black nigga with intellect
6th grade I was Special Ed
10th grade I was rad as shit
Lookin' like a nigga just left Japan
Well goddamn, now I be the man
Now every bitch kickin' with me, and every bitch kickin it with me goin Mia
Hamm goin' ham
Every visit to Neimans, I swear don't even see a tag
When you're reachin' your dreams
You got reason to brag
Ambition over everything
And I never plan on settling
And my wish is to have everything
And my only fear's a wedding ring
Hopin' that my niggas see
Hopin' that these bitches saw it
Hopin' when it's break in here
I got he same addition for it
Niggas think I'm slippin, niggas is lunchin'
And even dumb's is smokin'

No days off! No days off!
Heard they coming for a nigga
Bitch I'm Ray Charles
No days off!
Takin' breaks will leave you broken
And we can't fall
No days off! No days off!
Heard they coming for a nigga
Bitch I'm Ray Charles
No days off!
Takin' breaks will leave you broken
And we can't fall

[Verse 2: Wale]
I used to sleep hungry in a bed next to roaches
Now I wake up, play a beat and burn a couple roaches
Permanently focused, learning while I'm going
And the word most important
Don't regurgitate my sperm
Let me work that - no nasty
But I'm actually quite respectful
But you call a bitch a bitch
And real bitches don't respect you
And that's fucked up
But I guess that shit's just tough love
Around my way, I'm cut throat
And what I did just ain't enough
Fly shit ain't not thang to us...
20 somethin', no baby ma
Mama want me to go find a wife
I'm like sorry ma, this not the time
Can't decide, take em out
G'd up, shake it down
Weed up, better make a sound
Greened up, I'm like
Higher than high school
Mariah tunes and five flutes
Owe 5 to Hooper's and light shoes
Never liked school
Reckless when I move
Where I from, it get cold
Niggas die over shoes
Niggas shoot over bitches
Bitches get niggas set up
Stuck up beat up and wet up
That's why I never met em
That's why forever I love seldom and trust never
And fuck whoever don't put one hundred percent in


Lyrics taken from http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/w/wale/no_days_off.html

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