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Vicki Yohe – Because Of Who You Are lyrics

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Submitted byfaith2live

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    This song means to me Lord I worship you not only for what you've done in my life not only for the things you've brought me out, not only for how many times you've blessed me, not only for the miracles you've done for me and through me, not only for the doors you've opened for me, battles won for me. But Lord I worship you for who you are not only what you've done. Hallelujah.
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    What this song means that god has done so much for us like letting his only son die for us so why should you not love praise and just wanna worship wanna be with him this song means thank you because he did not really have to d that he chose to give us a chance to live to show off what he has thought us because he could of just let us all be wicked so I think you should just praise him in his holy name he has done things no one would even think of doing but after al he is an awesome god.
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    Worshiping to the Lord is one of the highest form of recognizing Him. His deeds and words have full of meaning, reason and purpose that man unable to comprehend it fully, it just because God is perfect and we are not. But the thing is, we should worship Him, praise Him and glorify Him.
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    To me this song means: we are letting god know we simply worship him because of who he is, our father. He is also the man that gave his only begotten son so we could see life. I worship him simply because of what he did to show me he cares. The fact of the matter is life would be easier if people would follow the rules of christ. I now theres evil out there because satin is out there. If you really and truly are a christian you wouldnt worry about evil getting in ur way when you have god. We worship and thank him. :)
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    This song minister's to my soul at a level only God can speak to. It brings a peace to my total being and brings out a sincere thankfulness for all the Lord has done and all he's going to do from the beginning of time until the end of time. Thank you Jesus for the gift of your holy spirit and I worship you because of who you are. See you in the end.
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