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Van Morrison – Jackie Wilson Said lyrics

Da, da, da, da, da,
Jackie wilson said
It was "reet-petite"
Kinda love you got
Knock me off my feet
Let it all hang out
Oh, let it all hang out.
And you know
I'm so wired-up
Don't need no coffee in my cup
Let it all hang out
Let it all hang out.
Watch this:
I'm in heaven, I'm in heaven
I'm in heaven, when you smile
When you smile, when you smile
When you smile.
And when you walk
Across the road
You make my heart go
Let it all hang out
Baby, let it all hang out
And ev'ry time
You look that way
Honey chile, you make my day
Let it all hang out
Like the man said: let it all hang out.

Watch this:
Ding-a-ling-a-ling... Etc.

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    Van morrison's native tongue is irish. "jackie wilson said" refers to terminology that jackie wilson, an american singer known as mr. Excitement, uses.
    This van morrison song is telling us that you don't have any need for caffeine in the morning when you are madly in love. In the morning you wake up, up.
    Van morrison is using southern idioms "reet petite" meaning "right petite" which, as a southerner, I would interpret as "it's a good thing. " "reet" is gulag for "right. "
    "I'm in heaven, I'm in heaven
    I'm in heaven, when you smile
    when you smile, when you smile
    when you smile".
    Is repeatedly saying that the singer is very pleased that he has made his ladylove smiling and happy.
    He goes on to say "honey chile [gulag for child], you make my day" and also that she makes his life complete. So "let it all hang out" or let everyone see and know how much we are in love this morning!
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