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Valentine's Day
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Valentine's Day

Daisy Daisy lyrics

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Valentine's Day – Daisy Daisy lyrics

Daisy, Daisy give me your answer do.
I'm half crazy all for the love of you.
It won't be a stylish marriage,
I can't afford a carriage.
But you'll look sweet,
Upon the seat,
Of a bicycle made for two.

Michael, Micheal, here is your answer true.
I'm not crazy all for the love of you.
There won't be any marriage,
If you can't afford a carriage.
'Cause I'll be switched,
If I get hitched,
On a bicycle built for two! "

Another version of 2nd stanza

Michael, Michael, here is your answer true.
I'm not crazy all for the love of you.
Call off the Bloomin' marriage
If you can't afford a Carriage.
But I'll be Dead
Before I get Wed
On a Bicycle meant for two.

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    I think about dengeki daisy (manga book) where the hacker's name is daisy and he falls in love with the girl that her brother told him to watch over on his death bed. Daisy worked with her brother who died of cancer, and left her an orphan but still went to school as an honor student working for the school custodian to pay off the window she broke, knowing that the custodian was really daisy, trying too pretect her while trying to find a program and that her brother created before dieing destroy it. I think you'll have to read the whole series to know what all I'm trying to say, but I've only read up to book eight.
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    About countess Frances Evelyn 'Daisy' Greville, lived Warwick castle with husband. Members of 'Marlboro house' set, great and good of high society, she became mistress of future King, Edward the 7th, the 'it' girl of her day (1893) was a famous beauty. Many affairs, drank, socialized, and slept with some.
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