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U2 – Beautiful Day lyrics

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    The meaning of this song is simple. There are many struggles in life that you can not let get you down. This son has a frustrated, discoraged, and pensive tone. The purpose seems to be to embrace, highlight, illuminate, and uplift. There is a solid theme to this song and that is that there are struggles and obsticals of life that may seem hard to overcome but when you step back to look at it all you can see it was just the little things that mattered. U2 uses rhetorical divices in this song. For example, personification, imagery, and an anaphora. :)
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  • u
    I just love Bono aka Paul David Hewson, I'm so surprised to see different lyrics than the one's I've been singing for years but hey I guess you learn something new every now and then. This is still one of my very favourite U2 songs. Now I have to learn all the correct words, I think that will only take me a few more years to adjust to new lyrics.
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  • TOBi101
    Oookkk kkk my mums fav u2 song but now with the new album nooo she don't want it I mean who would? There early stuff great! New stuff nooo! This however is a good song love it well like it any way oookkk I'm going bye! [ss lp fob p tp tle shs kol tf jm][comment back and rate thanks!] [ss lp fob p tp tle shs kol tf jm][comment back and rate thanks!]
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