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Twiztid – My Favorite lyrics

Man Ive Been Smokeing This Shit For Some Long (So Long)
I Smoke Shit You Cant Even Pronounce Shit Like ?
You Ever Smoke ? You Aint Never Smoked That Shit

First Time I Snatched You Up I Took You In My Lungs I Sealed You Up I Licked You With My
Tounge Right Then And There I Knew You Was The One So I Sold My Stereo And Cropped The Whole
Barn Yard Blowin Smoke Ring Big Money Bring Nice Trees My Addtion In Apartment Lokin Shisty
Robbed A Store All Diamonds And Gold Goin Thru My Mommas Purse Like I Was 10 Years Old Lookin
In The Couch For A Dollar To Aid Me On The Bag Some Of The Bitchs Had Job And Like Lit Fags
Bitch Im In A Poor And I Still Grabbed 5 Got A Green Leave In The Glovebox Outside We Can
Rollin It In The Crib And Smoke It In The Ride And Parol Teh City Streets Like We The Big 5 And
We Dont Give A Fuck Jus As Long As We Gettin High And All Thru Life Mary Jane Remains Mine

Light It Up Smoke It Up Yall Your My Favorite Puff Puff Pass That Shit Your My Favorite One

Got Be Wit Her Gotta Get Her Gotta Get High I Hit Her And Quit Her Then I Filter Up In The
Sky [X2]

Each And Every Day Always Gathered Around Me Aint No Quesitons Bout It My Eyes Is Always On
Drowzy We Keep It Cloudy Stink The Club Up 4 Heads On One Blunt And We All On Dum Purple Haze
With Teh Bubble Gum No Matter What The Flavor Their All My Favorite Ones Youve Been My Shit
Since I Was 12 Years Old Ive Been Fuckin Wit You For I Was Fuckin Wit Hoes Break Out The
Scissor Gunna Swish Ya Put You In It Ya Twist Ya Burn Ya And Then Let Everybody Hit It Yea Hold
The Gain In My Lungs Fag Niggas Smoke For Fun I Smoke For The Love Seeyour My Your My Favoirte
And I And I Love My Aroma In My Face But Puff Puff Pass And You Gotta Be Replaced Aint No Thang
Tho I Got A Boat With You To Place

Light It Up Smoke It Up Yall Your My Favorite Puff Puff Pass That Shit Your My Favouirte One [X2]

Got Be Wit Her Gotta Get Her Gotta Get High I Hit Her And Quit Her Then I Filter Up In The Sky

I Can Tell Was It Love At First Sight So Quickly We Took Flight Every Morning Noon And Ngiht
And It Get Right I Was Real Tight Make Her Easy For Kissin Adn Hidin Her From My Mom Right One
Night I Let The Homies Have Their Way With Her Play With Her Bang With Her Jus Dont Try To
Brake With Her Same In The Window Started The Change Like Ina Bad Realations Ship Its Slowly
Crumblin In Pain And I Spent Less Time With Her Everytime In Teh Day Jus Last Week I Bought A
Brand New Thang Nuttin Wrong But Somthin Aint Right I Jus Dont Feel The Same Bout Her Wanna End
It Tonite I Wanna End It Like A Knife In A Fight Quick Slice And Dice Like Get A Gun And Get
The Fuck On Right I Gotta Think Of Somthin Fast To Say Jus No Other Way Ima Gotta Break Up With
My Bong Today

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