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Twenty One Pilots – Guns For Hands lyrics

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    It's not about either of these things, really. It's about kids with mental disorders. Kids that have to ability to hurt themselves. There are so many things they can do with their "guns", their hands, that could seriously injure or even kill them. But you can't put the "safety" on a mental disorder.
    In the first verse, it's mentioning the trouble that these kids have with their loved ones. It is so hard to tell someone, let alone your parents, that last night you wanted to kill yourself. The second verse ("Let's take this a second at a time"...) Is about how, hey guys, I know this sucks, but let's hold onto each other. Let's just listen to this music. Let's calm down. In the third verse, he's showing that, hey, let's look around. Let's find some hope together. It's out there somewhere.
    In the final verse, he's explaining something that no one else seems to realise. That these kids, they don't need you to tell them they're gonna be okay. They don't need you to tell them there's hope. They need to turn all their emotion out. They need an outlet. So that their ability to hurt themselves starts to dissolve.
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    He's talking about the things people say to him, and how suicide pangs at people. Guns for hands means that every time someone touches him, or says something, he may have plans to take his life. It's not about legitimate guns, it's about how what you say pangs at people, and that death is the cure to life.
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    Oh hello there anti gun person. I don't really think that's what he's talking about. Honestly I'm confused myself, which is why I'm on this site, but my mind wants to draw parallels between hand and guns as weapons, like pointing fingers and public opinion, but that doesn't complete the song to me.
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    He's talking about the ridiculousness of how you don't need a license or anything to buy a gun in America; You can literally just walk into a shop and buy a gun. And also how he can't sleep knowing that anyone could just break into his house and shoot everyone. Killing changes people; it twists your mind and the more you kill the more twisted your mind becomes; you think less about what your doing or how it affects those who's family or friends you kill. The human mind is a dark place and it can be warped by things; one of which is killing. And since in America you buy a gun (which is made specifically for killing- and nothing else) freely without the shopkeeper questioning your intentions. If no-one had guns then we wouldn't need guns to protect ourselves from other people with guns. It's a vicious circle, really.
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