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Tristam – Frame Of Mind lyrics

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Submitted byAnnamiek
Corrected byDarkstar98


  • h
    This might sound stupid, but I think this is about someone wishing their pet would get a different Frame of Mind, that is, intelligence, but that, until then, we can sit right here and play.
    Like I said, it's kind of stupid, but in my head, it makes perfect sense, and it fits perfectly with the lyrics.
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  • NyxSparrow
    I think that this is about someone with depression or another mental disorder. The "Frame of mind" part of it does hint to that.

    "You'll be safe from all the flaws; Although I know you don't care." may mean Person A (the singer) is trying to help person b (the person the song is about/"you") think that their life is worth something, while person b doesn't care because they think they are beyond help.

    "When they say you will fall" could relate to person b being bullied, and the bullies in question keep saying, "You'll never succeed, you're worthless," etc. Thiss may worsen the "shattered frame of mind" mentioned earlier, and in turn make the depression worse.

    "And when daylight comes through; When the day is anew; Then it will be time; For a new frame of mind" This may mean that Person B has good days and bad days, and that when the next good day comes, then their frame of mind will be restored.

    "When all eyes are on you; You will know what to do; Since you will have found; Your new frame of mind" Person B has to stand up to the bullies that called him/her worthless on that good day to make them stop hurting him/her on the bad days when he/she doesn't have enough courage.
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