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Tribuzy – Absolution lyrics


The poor one
Who darkens our lands
The poor one
Who keeps our blood in his hands
The poor one
Who turns our faith into money
Poor of the cursed one
Who kills God's son

I've always prayed for you at night
But I couldn't stop your dark side
I've prayed for you to change your lives
But I cannot lie
One day you gonna die
And you'll see all your life time
Passing in front of your eyes

And you will recognize
That it is not your time anymore

So what could I have done?
I've tried but I couldn't run
I'll be like this forever
Forever and ever
I'll burn as the sun

Will the celestial gates
Be closed for my mistakes?
I'll live this hell forever
This hell never surrenders
How could I escape?

Everyone one day has the chance
Of entering the sacred land

All of us want absolution
You should never give up
All of us want absolution
Just open your soul when you say amen

You must open your heart
Let the love clean the dark
Your salvation is all in your hands.
You must open your soul
And choose a way to go
Before your life reaches the end

But I've been a sinner, the worst one that you could have seen
So now I know that there's no way out to me
I was the black sheep son, so what should I receive?

You could reach for God
Forget the past cause it is lost
And now you see how you were unfair
This was your first right step
Don't let this one be the last
All your life was a great test

But I failed on this and I filled all my life with sins
I poisoned the earth and destroyed so many people's dreams
Now I am lying in my bed and you appear saying all these things
This should be my last breath and about all my sins...
I'm sorry... forgive me

I'm here to be your helping hands
Hold on to my wings and ride with me trough the sacred land

All of us want absolution
You should never give up
All of us want absolution
Just open your soul when you say amen

All of us want absolution
So I will never give up
All of us want absolution
I cleansed my soul free from evil

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