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Trey Songz – Changes lyrics

Life is full of changes
Life is full of changes, oh
Life is full of changes

Verse 1:
So sad to see, you never knew another girl bad as she. Gotta' ass so phat
That you had to see and any living man be glad to be. B ran the streets, B
Had the dough. 'Fore a couple reasons he the man to know, just got back out
A couple weekends ago. Plus he kept a big back of the reefer to roll.
She was from the other side, the way they met wasn't even nothing fly.
After wing stop, there was a road block. He had a pack in the ride so he
Dipped inside. Pretty lil young thing catch his eye, she had a two-piece, a
Pepsi, fry. He asked her name, spit some game, she liked the nigga style,
Took his number down.
'Bout a week later, gotta' text like "B what's up this Jada, I been busy on
My school shit, hope you don't think I played ya. " But B won't never trip
'n see, bitches nothing major. His mentality, hoes could get in the way of
Whole summer he would dig her out, pick her up from the school, take her to
The house. Said he do it so good, that she never let nobody else eat her
Out. Ugh. Yeah. She a smart girl, give amazing brain, big dreams to do
Major thangs. But life is full of change, life is full of change.

Hook: Oh, you never know how things'll go, no way. Oh you never know how
Things'll go, life is full of changes. Oh life is full of change-es. The
People and the places and the thangs you see, and every single moment that
You breath. Life is full of changes, life is full of changes. Oohh

Verse 2:
It's just one flag, 6 months past. He make her feel dope and he gotta dope
Pad. That's his pussy now don't touch that, he was fucking hoes, but he cut
Back. She know he deal dope, but they never spoke that. In fact she acts as
If she doesn't know that. He'll have a nigga left with a toe tag. Gotta
Dope boy, keep a dope bag. He gotta good girl, she gotta hood pass. He
Gotta homegirl, she got her own cash. Tia so bad but he never fucked dat.
They used to cut class but he never cut dat. Her brother Kodjoe, taught her
How to cook crack, she bcecame her little sister just like that. He never
Had a bitch he could trust like that. Til Tia left town and she never
Looked back. 15 bricks got Kodjoe, hit from the head to the hip out in
Tuscan. Now the news on, crackhead found, dead as a bitch in the Ucon. Now
Way, closed-casket funeral, Tia's back & she beautiful. Jada never saw pain
So mutual, so she let em get a moment, you never know.

Oh, you never know how things'll go, no way. Oh you never know how things'll
Go, life is full of changes. Oh life is full of change-es. The people and
The places and the thangs you see, and every single moment that you breath.
Life is full of changes, life is full of changes. Oohh

Verse 3:
Uh, Couple months went by. Tia's still around, B still sell pies. Jada
Still down. Indictment time, a couple niggas laid down. Get life a time for
What a snitch'll say now. B going crazy, he done start sniffin that blow he
Sell. Jada be trippin, he like bitch, you must don't know me well. He
Copping benzes just for fun, he think this show & tell. Jada and Tia lunch
And spa, they do they face and nails. Face to face it's swell, Tia acting,
She just fake it well. Bitch so skinny, can't face the scale. She powder
Her nose, her face is pale. B back on hoes, he be chasing tail. Jada find
Out, she don't take it well. This the kinda story that I hate to tell, tell
A pussy nigga go straight to hell. Tia walks in like "face it well, I been
Sucking on this dick can't you taste the smell? " Then it got real silent,
'for it got real violent! "What! Bitch I'll be right back! Nigga fuck this
Dude, do me like that! Uh, nigga shitted on me like that! " All running
Through her hair, while she running up the stairs. What happens next is
Sad, it's like a bad song. B running the same stairs Tia clenched on. Nobody
Saying nothing, the house real quiet, it's quiet. Then you heard a
Click-clack. Now death's in the air. B said "Nobody dying, bitch put the
Motherfucking gun down, I know you high but you acting real dumb now! " Tia
Said "Fuck you! Take the shit!" I'm telling you niggas now, this some crazy
House real big on some acres shit, so don't neither one of 'em know where
Jada is. B reach for the gun, whole up. Jada came outta nowhere, stole her!
"Bitch, what now? Whore!" As the gun falls down to the floor, e'rybody
Scrambling for it. Bang, shot ring -bang-
It's blood e'rywhere, I'm talking e'rywhere. Brains blown, it's digusting how
They found her there. Jada leaking, Tia screaming, she shaking, she drop
The pistol, he take it, he c*** it back and he make it go -pow-

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