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Well I woke up in the Lion's Mane
Kissing silhouettes of mountains dancing in the moonlight
Am I awake or is this a dream?
Or am I awaking into a state of wakefulness
Buried deep in my deepest dreaming sleep?

You can only guess what happened next

I swallowed an apple seed and gave birth to angel's wings
Which lifted me to the top of this orange grove
Where I saw a man trying to count
All the oranges
All the trees
And all the leaves

Turns out this man was me
Losing count and starting over
Losing count and starting over
Chasing my own tale until I got dizzy
And fell asleep in the clouds

Well I woke up in the Lion's Mane
On a single lane road deep within God's Dreadlocks
When I gave my banana to the blind man
Only to realize who was really blind
My eyes couldn't decide
My eyes couldn't define

My eyes couldn't see that this blind man was me

We then continued to a village of meeting rivers
Where Mother Earth washed me down and gave me a new birth
Where my sight was restored
And I could see all the gems hiding on the ocean's floor
Well I dove in
Actually did a canon ball
And swam deeper and deeper
As things got clearer and clearer

And when I saw all of the sharks
I wasn't afraid
For this time enshrined in my heart was the Almighty's Name
I think my sanity has gone insane
I woke up in the Lion's Mane

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    UnregisteredJan 11, 2014 at 6:12 pm
    This song is very religious the apple seed has to do with Adam and eve and how he went above the orange grove to see a man counting which can be interpreted as the garden when he said I'm a awake or is this a dream or am I awaking in a state of wakefulness buried deep in my deepest dreaming sleep this is his soul when he is on the road to Gods dreadlocks is him trying to find God trying to go on his path when he gave the blind man the banana he helped as did the the lord helping the blind man as him not noticing he was the one really blind is him being blind by all the temptation all the things that our distracting him when he dives in and things start to get clearer and clearer is him finding the lord and when he was with the sharks and wasn't afraid because what enshrined in his heart was the almighty name that's him who found the lord...the name of the song "lions mane" reference God. Many cases the God is referenced as a lion. This song means how he was blind by the temptations trying to find his way always struggling in life until he found the lord his savior.
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    UnregisteredJul 2, 2012 at 7:44 pm
    This is my full interpretation of this song. This is solely what i get from the song, and sometimes it changes when i listen to it. This isn't to say this is what he meant by any of it-i think it's all open to your own interpretation.

    "am i awake or is this a dream"... This part to me is deciphering what is truly reality... What level of consciousness is the true "reality" of our lives. Maybe on some level of consciousness we are aware of the truth and reality of a something much bigger than us. This is an awakening to that universe. Our brains only process a tiny percentage of what they are actually taking in at all times.

    When he sees the man trying to count everything and says this was him: it's always easier to understand a situation when you're on the outside looking in. He is seeing himself and becoming aware of his flaws-trying to count everything is maybe a symbol for the way we go about our daily lives focusing on tasks and things that are really not important in the grand scheme of things. We also tend to focus on trying to figure out the unimportant things until we get "dizzy and fall asleep". We grow tired of this endless task and give up on it.

    "only to realize who was really blind"... What i take from this is sometimes we think we are doing something for someone else-helping them in whatever context that may be, but in reality, they have something to teach us... Often when we think someone is less fortunate, they are far richer, just in other means, other terms, in other things.

    Mother earth washes him down and restores his sight- we should return to nature and the natural order of things-the interconnectedness of all the elements and of nature-in order to get back to a truthful and meaningful existence. One can see the true beauty and meaning in life when we return back to this basic system of things, we return back to our roots-to our place in nature, not above it all. Things get clearer and clearer the more we let this in.

    "when i saw the sharks, i wasn't afraid.. " when you are able to enter this kind of consciousness or awakening, and put yourself into this state of mind, your fears no longer plague you. You understand the natural system of which you are a part of, and therefore no longer need fear.

    "i think my sanity has gone insane". What is sanity truly, perhaps we are the insane ones, living in a silly world where we no longer focus on the true important aspects of our lives.
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    UnregisteredJun 20, 2012 at 11:21 pm
    This poem/song has nothing to do with mushrooms and everything to do with consciouness. To me, it means awakening from the dream of the planet and being connected with that which runs through all of us. Not holding fear in your heart by knowing infitinite love. True love, not the love most of us think of.
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    UnregisteredApr 25, 2012 at 4:44 am
    I think this song means, my mushrooms were magic. I took these magical mushrooms and gave my blind man some produce.

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