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Trevor Hall – The Lime Tree lyrics

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    This song. I've been listening to this for four days straight now, and I still don't fully understand the lyrics. I'm the kind of person who doesn't especially listen to the lyrics though, the music alone is enough for me. The way it starts so peaceful and calm, like everything is fine. But what gets me the most is the way it develops to a voice full of incomprehension and impotency. And at the end, the music ends the same as how it started. I can relate to the feelings throughout this song, and that's what gets me. I have dealt with loss, more than once unfortunately. In the beginning I was Constantly trying to reassure myself that everything is fine, because I did not want to face the chagrin. But as we all know, it's impossible to avoid reality. At some point I had to face the facts, and as I did I became mad. I am convinced that every bit of anger comes from incomprehension, and that was what I felt during this song. But as time passes, it gets better, it doesn't hurt as much as it did, and I made peace with it. This may not be the way the author meant it, it's just how I interpreted it.
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    This song has one of the strongest meanings ever for me. One of my fellow schoolmates and also one of my friends killed himself. He was only 17. He was a great person who came from an absolutely amazing family. I met his mother at his funeral and she is truly something amazing. I love their family to death and they never deserved to have something so horrible happen to them. The lime tree was played at levi's funeral and it has a huge meaning to so many people in this small wyoming town. Levi jared, we know you are always with us and we love you. And you have an amazing family. Love you all.
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    This song is based on the green myth about Baucis and Philemon. Zeus & Hermes transformed themselves into beggars in order to see how they would be treated. Every door they went to, they were turned away. When they came to the home of Baucis and Philemon (an old married couple), they were kind and hospitable to the disguised God & Goddess. As their reward, Zeus would grant them a wish... They asked if it was possible for them to stay together always. Upon their death, they were transformed into a Linden (also known as lime) tree and an Oak tree... They sit in Olympus (home of the Gods), intertwined, forever.
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