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Tragedy Khadafi – Bing Monsters (feat. Ja Rule & Headrush Napoleon) lyrics

Drummer drives me

In the bing doing flat three

Rather rip a nigga for rep than fight to be free

That's just me

Ja Rule inevitably

Living the lifestyle that get most niggas shot down

I'm in now

And only niggas thrown from tiers gon touch ground

Sinners live to silence the sound

I drop on niggas heavy

And all of my bing mon stars is ridin ready

Benchin the weight of chevys

Oxes like machetes for winners

Pop in

Yall niggas get to cuttin

My niggas get to choppin

Aight then

I'm a killer with the hyphen

Kill a

Motherfucker before he kill me

Rude nigga the cesar

Spittin razors

This killer Queens bing monster is

Total vengeance

Prisoners doing life sentence

To all my thugs up north barbed wire fences

When you come home dun we gon take a million

Two five the most hated always the villain

Locked in its on again

Life sentence

To all my thugs up north barbed wire fences

When you come home dun we gon take a million

Two five the most hated always the villain

The white mans justice

Be the Black mans grief

Animal instinct

Abnormal canine teeth

I earned my black heart for props to hold turf

Go down on a vi ox your whole earth

Make it pop at church service

While you're lying to God

We bring drama

Get it on with the entire riot squad

Aint an enemy of mines

That ll step in my house

Cause the cos is my hijos

And they settin me out

From Clinton to Coxsackie to Sing Sing daddy

We eat high hoes

Juice and jack mac patties

If not probably arroz con godbody

I got a one to three

Rockin with niggas biddin bodies

Never was a dead nigga til I reached them bars

And I earned the do rag gem stars and keloid scars

For yall

Triple O Survive or Die

Canine rise with wolves

Sneak thieve the dome and walk on all fours

Locked in the mountains

Niggas ll lose things

Like they're manhood

Hung with shoestrings

Faces disfigured

Disgrace these niggas

Run em out of the house like replacement killers

Cowards playing the towers

Loose powers

Wont last an hour

Get aped in the showers

Bing Monsters come through and bust you

Guerillas extortion

Strong arm muscle

Drag queen kill a fiend for thorazine

Take they blood oath and form they own team

Niggaz spittin out razors

Fiend for rangers

Locked with a sumo thug in small cages

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