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Tracy Chapman – Give Me One Reason lyrics

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    This song has a much deeper message than many people will even be open minded enough to notice. She is talking about life, although this is cleverly disguised to make you believe she sings of love. There comes a point in most lives that pressure a person to question where in life they belong. Tracy Chapman sings in a plea to be saved from the suicidal feelings she once felt. Give me a reason, I don't wanna leave you lonely, you gotta make me change my mind. That is how I read these lyrics.
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    I hear these lyrics and think about a summer/winter romance. I actually referred these lyrics to my 20 something girlfriend to let her know that I am serious about our relationship, and that she needed to figure out how she thinks about a relationship with a 50 something me. She has said in past that she has a hard time relating to people her age, and that she has no interest in dating guys "who wear their pajamas all day", or guys who won't find a job due to "sponging off their parents". I can relate due to my 30 year old son who sponges off his mom, wears pajamas 4 days a week (all day, mind you), won't find a job, and weighs 300 plus pounds - apparently caused by his inability to put down the video game and get off the sofa. Anyway, you reach a point in life when you want straight answers, and I believe Ms. Chapman put that thought succinctly into words in this piece. Kudos, Tracy!
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    I think you've got it exactly right, "Suzi-Q..."! But this song is also talking about Love for Life. Pleading to be given back that Love for Life. Tracy is one of the minority of people, like me, and perhaps like you too, who "truly, madly, deeply" faces and cares about what's really going on in the world, and that often makes us despair of hope for anything changing enough for the better in the world. Tracy's heart is so big and so open, that it of course hurts to live. But God be with her, and all of us; may we face All Truth, no matter how painful; and may God give us the strength and the Hope to be the change we wish to see in world. I believe Tracy Chapman does this. Thank you so much, Tracy! (And thank you, Sis, for turning me onto her years ago!) I Love You and "I Life You", Tracy!
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