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Tracy Chapman – Fast Car lyrics

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    It's about a girl who married a man and had kids. Her husband is always drunk and never comes home at night. The girl starts to think about all the things she had gone through with her husband. She remembers when they left her drunken father in her husband's "fast car". She talks about talking to him about leaving. She says that at that point, she had saved some money at the convenience store. They drove off. Then she moves to another part of her life. She says that she got a job at the grocery store. She is a little upset that her husband hadn't gotten a job. She says that she wants to move into a bigger house, but they need more money. Then she talks about after they move out of the shelter and into a big house. She says that her husband always goes home drunk. In the last part of the song she is talking straight to her husband. She is telling him that either he could leave in his "fast car" or stay with her and her kids and never leave. If you have noticed in the beginning she says:
    "You got a fast car
    Is it fast enough so we can fly away
    We gotta make a decision
    We leave tonight or live and die this way
    And then after, she says
    You got a fast car
    But is it fast enough so you can fly away
    You gotta make a decision
    You leave tonight or live and die this way"
    In the first part she is talking about them. She said that she wanted to go somewhere with him. In the end she says that she wants him to leave or stay forever.
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  • s
    I finally esacaped an alcaholic's home with nicknamed men trapsing through, a mother's reputation to overcome, brainwashed guilt doormat who paid for her binging, no apologies the next day, freedom came at 19yrs, when the light bulb exploded and the window of opportunity came I grabbed, with flatmates who inspired belief to leave my prison and town for 20yrs, I proved to my inner haunted child that the chains that once held me could be with time, unlinked. 20yrs returning to whanau (family) I returned with my twin inspirations only to find the cycle had spread from mother to siblings. The brain washing continued. The drive to esacap happened again, but now I no longer run from alcaholic drama's, instead I stand in my own light and dreams of a better future via practising what I preach only to my self without justification to other's or judgement on others. My children are my future, they see the cycle of their whanau (familys) actions and consequensenes and we are no longer held by the brainwashing of addictive behaviors and secrets. We are stronger for the lyric's of Tracy Chapman's honesty when other's choose not to empower, inspire, strengthen and reaffirm natural laws that parts of humanity have lost their way in the journey of life. She reminds us all of our purpose within the circle of life!
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    I think it's about this kid who struck it rich in society as a writer. Three people recommended him with a ticket to their worlds: a heavenly saint to the Christian folk who is a preacher's son from scotland, Alaster Debuy; a demonic believer who is considered a great satan Roland Nadler; and a man who used to live in limbo Fred Pestello. There's this girl who meets him who wants to become a pop star in the future when the age of pop stars is over and all the fans who turn popular turn out to be societal slaves. It is not sure whether she is already one or just made the end cut. He can make it happen because he is well connected in society. She doesn't want to pair with him as a popular item from Le Moyne College--but she still wants her skit written. So he does and at the end suggests that they get together in a car and run away when the economy crashes.
    This happens in New Jersey. Then they make it to movie star New York where everything is just like the movies.
    When they get icecream watching the cops on tv getting roasted she says laughing knowing this long is a real relationship but she's not going to say it, says, "May your piss always froth." as Zoogi Momostay.
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    I feel really awful today. I've been listening to Tracy for many years and I've never paid enough attention to her lyrics. Today I had a little time to think and I took a little more time to listen to her again and I discovered how great she is I hope nobody in the states thinks she's a communist if not she's gonna suffer the same luck as John Lennon.
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