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Too $hort – This Is How We Eat (feat. The Eastsiders, Big Tigger And Kokane) lyrics

Feat. Tha Eastsidaz, Big Tigger
[Goldie Loc talking]
Definition - gangsta, hustla, you know
We make money, we eat, we feed
Pay attention - (Beitch!!) *beat starts*
Uhh, yeah, come on..
Uhh uhh, make some music..
Dogg House, you know..
$hort Dog peep game, come on
I'm ridin down the street, beat, feets got on twenty-tweets
No beer-belly fool, we get it all for eats
Cocoa Puff the green leaf, cloud up
We some gangstas makin money, never been a scrub
Whattchu know about sellin dope...
But the only thing you good for now, is droppin the soap
Goldie Loc, Tray Deee, Too $hort, no doubt
Tell 'em how we eat and what we all about, nigga
[Too $hort]
These hoes know what's up, niggaz been havin game
O. G. 's tell me real good, bitch I'm the same
motherfucker make 'em feel good, ya know my name
bitch, if ya still could, you'd do the same
Made thirteen albums in a row
Be like Too $hort baby and pimp a hoe
It's so easy, if ya know how to get it
You'll never be another broke-ass nigga
[Chorus: Kokane]
We got, top-notch hoes, y'all fools got crack-hoes
We eatin sirloin steak, y'all fools eat Cheerios
We got, top-notch hoes, y'all fools got crack-hoes
We eatin sirloin steak, y'all fools eat Cheerios
[Tray Deee]
fuck a business suit, I'm out to where we juice
Push the Bentley coupe and spend endless loot
Runnin game from the brain or the stainless steel
Pushin Holt's high-heels when we bang the field
With the heat out, jack the whole hood with G-clout
Invisible perimeters for niggaz to keep out
You ain't got to ask what the fuck what we bout
Whatever, get the cheddar than an nigga can ease out
[Goldie Loc]-a

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