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Too $hort – Late Night Creep lyrics

[Hook:] (Too Short)
I, I only see em' on the late night creep
And I, fuck her good and never fall asleep
Cause I, I'm just a big ol' pimp I run, so deep
And its alright, she opened up cause I don't have the key
(Take your clothes of, biatch, take your clothes off) la-da-da-la...
(Take your clothes of, biatch, take your clothes off)
(Take your clothes of, biatch, take your clothes off) la-da-da-la...
(Take your clothes of, biatch, take your clothes off)
[Murder One]
Damn, I'm about to smack this
Peepable brown miraculous!, glutious-maximus, shorty is bad as shit!
Little cutie got skills like magic dust, (bling) her throat skills feels fabulous (oh shit)
Nigga mother-fucker feel like this an ambulance
Put a nigga in a coma with some bomb ass head
You mad at me, cause I get it for free you can't, top dolla
Cause you wanna get made, you heard what I said?
Pussy make weak niggas dead
True dat' that's a thang, take two plus bitch, pass it back
I get ass in the Caddillac, Murder One in the house not havin' that
Get freaky wit' me shit I'm bringin' ya back
Oh you lovin' this mack, cause I got your leg shakin' like that
Cause a nigga's straight killin' the cat
[Too Short]
Kill that pussy, make it wet, make it sweat
Make it wet, eat this dick put in the work and get minimal rich, bitch
I'm all about this money ho, ho money keep comin' you wanna bum some mo'
Yo nigga keep payin' what you want me fo'?
They call me Shorty Pimp, mackin' ho's from here to Flint
I know for a fact it's on again cause I picked her up at 1AM
[Murder One]
Girl, I like the way you shake that thang
Get it girl, make that change
Like the way you pop,

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