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Too $hort – Recognize Game lyrics

[$hort] Straight pimpin
[Chyna] Check, fuck all that pimp shit
[$hort] Whatchu say bitch?
[Chyna] Haha, nigga know what you do?
You let my nuts go, ya heard me?
You let my nuts go, hahahaha
[$hort] Oh you Chyna White huh?
[Chyna] It's a new breed of bitches out here baby
Haha, we do it live ya heard me? Haha
[$hort] I got somethin for yo' ass
[Chyna] Yeah baby, it's all game

[Too $hort]
I got that old game, but I don't need Viagra
Spit a few lines in no time I'll have ya
If I don't, I find a new bitch
And if you tryin to get back it's useless
I can't do shit, unless you pay me
I been breakin in hoes since the 80's
Ain't nuttin changed, it's still a pimp thang
And if you ain't wit it, you must be insane

Yeah you might talk like a pimp, walk with a limp
But look - you bout old as the game
Short Dawg shit is all in your name
And fuck dick, cause it all be the same
Shit, I be the one to get in your brain
To make you know you ain't shit
You got a Benz, I got a Jag, so what?
You got hoes, I got niggaz to cut
And I treat 'em like prostitutes and s***s
Take it from Chyna; niggaz ain't shit but dick and nuts

[Too $hort]
Yeah baby.. I always respect the game
That's why bitches, always let me hit that thang
I hit it good, I hardly ever keep in touch
Top notches, it's hard to believe I fuck
But I did it, every time I see her I get it
I know you heard Short Dawg got digits
Don't forget it, I'm all about the pimp shit
I ain't no sucker with a limp dick

Fuck the dumb shit, niggaz they come quick
9th Ward bitches always get they c*** licked
You know the game, if you get a hoe it's probably from the fame
Ugly niggaz pretty bitches you know the aim
I got niggaz with my name tatted on they chest
And I don't give a fuck about another bitch 'cause I'm the best
Picture Chyna long mink in a stretch
Back to back with a Lex, lettin off tecs, ya heard me?

Chorus: Too $hort + Chyna White

[$hort] It ain't the same, shit done changed
New Orleans bitches live against the grain
Oakland niggaz we be off the chain
Chyna White and Too $hort play the game, whatchu say?
[White] It ain't the same baby, shit done changed baby
What what game recognize game baby
What what all my thugs let 'em hang baby
Chyna White and Too Sheezy off the chain baby (ya heard?)

[Too $hort]
I been spittin this game since about 2: 40
It's a quarter to 3, whatchu gon' do shorty?
Choose on a player or roll with a square
I'm tryin to holla at you, fuck them hoes over there
I wish I could get you outside in my truck
Put my hang between your legs maybe then I'll fuck
You know whassup, I'ma see you next time
Droppin s** lines, so I can fuck one time

Nigga how many times you done seen "The Mack?"
How many times you gon' think with your sac
Then talk with your genitals?
I run with strictly criminals
Top notch bitches, in drop top sixes
I'm from New Orleans, where bitches put shit in your greens
Bury your drawers, shatter your dreams, make you stop eatin
Cabbage and beans, dolla dolla what them know bout the cream
And fuck the worl cause it ain't what it seems (ya heard?)

Chorus Two: Chyna White

It ain't the same baby, shit done changed baby
New Orleans bitches live against the grain baby
Oakland niggaz baby off the chain baby
Chyna White and Too $hort play the game baby
It ain't the same baby, shit done changed baby
What what game recognize game baby
What what all my thugs let 'em hang baby
Chyna White and Too Sheezy off the chain baby

[Too $hort]
You know us Oakland niggaz still pimp to this day
Still wear perms with big old waves
Three or four hoes in a mini-van
Ridin round tryin to get all I can
When you see "The Mack," you see my town
If hoes get money we'll be around
Talkin that punk bitch out her chips
Please believe me, don't doubt the shit
I'm still pimpin.. Let it ride

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