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Tony Yayo – 1 Shot lyrics

[Young Money:]
I get the drop 1 shot 1 kill
I get to slippin and ya cap get peeled
Blaaat, blaaat I get to slippin I ain't playin with em
Baat, batt I get to slippin I ain't playin with em
Blaat, blaat I get to slippin I ain't playin with em

[Gun shots]

[Tony Yayo:]
Thou shall not steal, thou shall repent
So it's kill or be killed in my enviorment
I'm in a bent, pushed up
1 hand is on the wheel the other hand is on your bitch butt
What, 1 shot, 1 kill, 1 nina
A sheel case dropped a young boy died a dreamer
He had hoop dreams till he seen that hoop ride
That ak went blaat and his ass died
His momma cried, it just don't make sense
Homocide like we have no evidence
Another hood nigga died at a hood event
No suspects the case is irrelavent
Nowadays all the little niggas make movies
Jackie chan shit little homie waved the uzi
Another black nigga dead a statistic
The mack 10 split em reachin for his biscuit
A tisk it a task it, now he in a casket
Caught him at the rec centre broad day that's it

[Young Money:]
I get the drop 1 shot 1 kill

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