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Tony Yayo – Gang Life Pt.2 lyrics

Yo doe,
We gon keep feeding these niggas

My fillet minjon I keep it on me
My fillet minjon to all my shorties

Yo doe,
We gon keep feeding these niggas

Yo doe,
We gon keep feeding these niggas

My fillet minjon I keep it on me
My fillet minjon to all my shorties
My fillet minjon is a 40
Well done medium rare death in the air, yea

I'm back on it
I might squeal on lil niggaz
I put a baby in his womb I straight kill a nigga
I'm a gangsta watching life progress
I love my kids so much I tatt em all on my chest
I'm in that spiderman, in them cardier lenses
My gun don't jam I got the peter parker spider senses
I'm on point, your strap is in your spare tire
My strap on my lap wrapped in that h attire
I'm a frequent flyer, met a genie sorceror
The lear come with the crew like john travolta
Public enemy, like john dillinger
I hit a pig in the face with the dillinger


45 A. C. P, I shoot a gangsta out his A. C. G
Bitch nigga please nigga please
This is for my lex ave niggas
My southside niggas, my elot niggas counting them niggas
From central icelint, brentwood to hempstad
Get tha brick money and, keep them wolves fed
I twist a swisher, I keep a blicka
And 2 white girls playing naked twister
Bulletproof surbuban, 30 shot glock in it
Pull up at the light, it look like barack in it
Bentley brooklyn, you know that I'm stalkin it
With all this beef you know I ain't stoppin it


Nigga don't get fillet minjoned up nigga
That's the new motto
Fillet minjon steel on my waist
Fuck the police, haiti what's good

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