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Toni Gonzaga

We Belong lyrics

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Toni Gonzaga – We Belong lyrics

I've tried to tell you
So many times this feelings of mine
But it's not that easy
Letting you know
How I love you so

Complete me, you complete me
I've never felt this way
Complete me, you complete me
Like words and melody

Don't you know that we both belong, baby
Don't you know that we will last forever
Don't you know that we both belong
I knew it from the start, we belong

Hoping that someday
For that hello, just a simple hello
And maybe tomorrow
I'm the reason you'll smile
And you make my day

*repeat chorus*

Together, you're my shelter in the pouring rain
I just hope that you will see
You and me we belong

Don't you know that we both belong, baby
Don't you know that we will last forever
Don't you know that we both belong
I knew it from the start
We belong

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    I know how it feels when you wanted to let him know your feelings but it's not that really easy to do so because the first thing that would come up to our minds are the negative thoughts, we don't actually really know their reactions when you were going to tell that thing. Maybe it's better to keep my feelings than to let him know although it hurts you most whenever you saw him with another girl. But for me as long as we're friends, it's okay.
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    You're trying to tell him everything you're feeling about him but its hard, you love him so much but its hard to let him know. Everytime you see him you feel like perfect, complete like you never felt like this before. He complete you like an song that plays very well. You know that you belong with him and you will be together forever and you knew it from the start. Your hoping that you are the reason he smiles. He make your day more beautiful. When they were together in danger he always protect you. And in the end you want to be with him.
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    For me, the song is about how the girl told the boy that she loves him but the boy does not feel the way the girl feels towards him. She's telling the boy that they really did belong to each other. But the boy is trying to break up with her but she refused, so she is telling him that he completes her / she can't live without him. "Don't you know that we will last forever" that line means that, she refuses to break up with him because she believes that they are meant to each other, forever. To make the long story short, the girl is bitter apropos of the truth. :)
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