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Timati – In The Club lyrics


Kogda my v klube chiksy tancujut,
Pust' gorod znaet s kem on tusuet,
Vstrechajte prjamo iz Moskvy- Timati I Dj Dlee.

Gde luchshie tusovki?-you nas v klube,
Gde luchshie podrugi?-you nas v klube,
Gde ljudi zhivut hip-hopom?-you nas v klube,
Esli ja nuzhen tebe iwi menja v klube

Killogramy deneg prosto ni k chemu,
My pokupaem doli v klubah, -Vot kak ja zhivu,
Sprosi moju bratvu
Iz zheltyh butylok treki,
Dopivaju svoj roze, podpisyvaja cheki.
Chiki prosto v shoke ot moej manery,
Nikogda ne tuplju, vsegda podhozhu pervyj!

Kak tebja zovut-a?
Ty odna tut ma?
Pojdhadi k nam za stol nas vse uzhe zhdut ma!
O-o ch'ja to chika za moim stolom,
Ona p'et so mnoj na brudershaft,
A znaesh' chto potom a?
My tancuem v dvojom v centre jetoj party,
Okej malysh ostanovis' vsjo hvatit!
Jej bjejbi podskazhi kak tebja ljubit' a?
Moja konfetka ne mogu tebja zabyt' you...
Ljublju tvoj stajl, osobenno vid szadi
Ja priglashaju tebja na Afterparty.

Vizhu ty soglasna, jeto bylo jasno,
Hot' mama govorila chto byt' s Timati opasno,
Jeto naprasno ne slushaj erundu,
Ja svoruju tebja noch'ju I privezu k utru.

Esli ljubish' zharu,
Esli ljubiw' ogni,
Glazom podmigni I za soboj mani,
I rastrorivshis' v vip,
My ne pokinem Klub poka igraet dj dlee!

Kluby ljubjat-Timati,
Chiksy ljubjat-Timati,
Mazhory pochemuto tozhe uvazhajut-Timati,
Zony ljubjat-Timati,
Vagony ljubjat-Timati,
A kto menja ne ljubit?-tot prosto mne zaviduet.
Mister Black Star-zolotoj rebjonok,
Privyk zhit' v ljukse uzhe s peljonok,
Zvezda kinopljonok-korol' ljuboj pati,
Vy ego hoteli?-nu net voprosov na te!

Lady shake, shake, shake, shake your body,
Now fella's slide it up like it's your last party
Throw your hands up everybody
-podnimite ruki v vozduh esli jeta tema katit,

Na tancpole tesno, v klube netu mesta,
Ochered' na vhode-you nas opjat' fiesta,
Face control v kurse - you nas opjat' fiesta,
Ty znaesh' stajl-loham zdes' ne mesto!


When we're in the club the chicks dance,
Let the city know with whom it dances,
Meeting directly from Moskow's Timati & Dj Dlee.

Where are the best parties? In our club,
Where are the best girl? In our club,
Where people live of hip-hop? In our club,
If you need me, look for me in the club.

A kilogram of money is simply nothing,
We're buy shares up in club,
This is how I live, ask my bros
From yellow bottles we get tracks,
Finish drinking your roze, I'm signing checks.
Girl are simply in shock from my manners,
Never shit people, always I walk up first!

What's your name-a?
Are here alone-ma?
Let's go to our table they're already waiting-ma!
Ah-Oh who's that girl at my table,
She drinks with me on brudershaft,
& you know how it's ends?
We dance together in the center of this party,
Ok the baby stop all will enough-uh!
Hey Baby hint me how to love you?
My candy, I can never forget you...
I love yours style, especially the rear
I'm inviting you to the Afterparty.

I see that you agree, it was clear,
Though your mom said that with Timati you should be careful,
This is unnecessary do not listen to nonsense,
I shall steal you at night & I shall bring back by morning.

If you love a heat,
If you love fire,
Give me a wink & it will explain itself,
And disappearing from the vip,
We shall never leave the club while we're dance to dj dlee!

Clubs love- Timati
Chix love- Timati,
Major Label also respect- Timati,
Zones love- Timati
Cars love- Timati
& who does not love me?- that simply envies me.
Mr Black Star- gold child,
Used to livinq in luxury always from the cradle,
Star of films- kings of any party,
You wanted it?
Well there are no questions about those!

Lady shake, shake, shake, shake your body,
Now fella's slide it up like it's your last party
Throw your hands up everybody
Lift your hands in the air if this theme rolls,

On dancing closely, in the club there is no place,
Turn on an input us again a fiesta,
Face control in a rate - at us again a fiesta,
You know stajl-loham here not a place!

When we're in the club chicks dance,
Let city it tusuet knows with whom...

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