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Tim Kasher – Cold Love lyrics

It's too much
It's too much there's too much between us
The years are bags we can't begin to unpack

I thought that we were different
We swore we'd never cave
To these suburban doldrums
The sad guise of our age
And there is no more charity, yeah
We both stopped servicing
Oh we're definitely missionary
Our official position
Maybe we're getting older, yeah
Maybe our hearts are beating slower
Maybe we got tired of the same old dessert
We grew up in a world of thirty-one flavors
Yeah maybe we're just tired of this vanilla existence

Cold Love is all that we know
Cold Love, no words, no emotion
Cold Love, don't look me in the eye
Cold Love, clean up your (lies?)

Maybe you've gotten sick of it
Or maybe I'm just inadequate
Or maybe this is stupid
Yeah, maybe we're just chumps
Riding this horse and buggy
Of antiquated love
We don't know where it's taking us, but
We don't know where we want to go, so
We hold on and hope for happiness
We hold on so we're not alone

The sheltered life of a couple
Is like living inside a bubble
And God forbid cupid ever finish what he started
Instead he left us stranded and broken hearted
One more shot of cupid's dart and this bubble could have popped

Cold Love, is all that we know
Cold Love, no work, no devotion
Cold Love, it only takes a few minutes
Cold Love, let me know when you're finished

Cold Love
It's all that we know
It's cold, cold love
It's all that we know

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