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Thumb – Boredom lyrics

The air is getting so thick, it's almost making me sick, cause I'm just sittin' around waiting
for something to go'click, but
nothing's clicking at all except for the clock on the wall and a second feels like eternity. Boy,
I'm having a ball...and it's
moments like this that are really making me miss the times when a word like boredom just
didn't exist, yeah those times
where a lot better but sooner or later I'll be coming back so strong although you wouldn't have
thought I'd get up! Wanna
move, wanna grove, wanna live, wanna prove, I can do anything that I really wanna do...

There's something about boredom that's making me sick!
There's something about life I'm missing a kick!
There's something about boredom that's making me sick!
There's something about life I'm missing in a kick...
Gimme that kick, boy!

I'm staring holes in the ceiling cause I'm hating that feeling, I'm bored to the bone and my
head starts reeling...and the
walls around me, they surround me like a giant fist, ready to pound me...over and over and
over again, I've been caught
up in boredom since I don't know when, I just want get out, I wanna scream out and shout: I
never wanna be bored again
cause it'll make me freak out. I don't care, truth or dare, would someone help me out of
there, so I can do anything,
anytime, anywhere

I'm missing a kick, I'm missing a kick, I'm missing a goddamn a goddamn kick...gimme that
kick boy...yeah, there's
something about boredom that's making me sick

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