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Thrice – Broken Lungs lyrics

Woke up to a brand new skyline
We licked our wounds and mourned the dead
Swallow the story hook and sinker
Is that what we meant when we said
That we never would forget?

Are we fools and cowards all
To let them cover up their lies?
As we all watched the buildings fall
And watched the scales fall from our eyes

A fire burns beneath Manhattan
Still we breathe with broken lungs
We act like none of this matters
Is that what we meant When we said
That we'd sing what must be sung?

Are we fools and cowards all
To let them cover up their lies?
Cause we all watched the buildings fall
Watched the scales fall from our eyes

We want justice
Scream from the roof
We want justice
We want the truth

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  • u
    The song talks about the twin towers on September 11. "A fire burns beneath Mannhattan, still we breath with broken lungs" it means when the people were trapped inside and they were breathing in the smoke and ash. At least that's what I think. "Cause we all watched the buildings fall, watched the scales fall from our eyes". It means when the towers collapsed. :-/
    "We want justice, scream from the roof, we want justice, we want the truth" he is trying to understand why people would crash planes into buildings and kill 3000+ people. Well, that's my opinion on the song. It's really great, made my top favorite list of songs.
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  • St_Elsewhere
    I think that this song is meant to be like an Apocolyptic type of senario. In the first line it talks about a brand new skiyline and it later says that they mourn the dead. I imagine that it's like "I Am Legend" when he's the last one left. Later on in the song it talks about covering up the lies, so it must of been something man-made instead of something divine. It also talks about breathing with broken lungs, so maybe something airborne.
    That's just my idead off of the song, you can take it however you want. : D
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