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Thomas Gilyard – Eleanor lyrics

I swerve, then it hit the curve
Sitting low, I ain't flexing too hard
Tryina pull up on a hoe
Yeah I'm old school, kung fu joe with a bad bitch
Just like this track, this caprice is a classic
Pussy magnet, got damot drop 1987 same year's...
Recktop with that stash box
And I ride around town like the price is on dash drop
Smoking on that cash crop
Cooler than cudi, don't bite the hand that feeds you
My presentation is feature, I do this in my leisure
As I ride, gripping wood in a plank
Where it ain't no telling I might fuck around and pull a plank
Tell her, and she gonna do whatever I tell her
Shawty fine as a wine cellar
You niggas whack but the hell of it
They hating but I'm on my own shit
Like the veterans

Ok, my whip cream, taking my jeans and riding Sunday
Guts clean, 6 lean back, for the funplay
Plus I'm riding hard times too
What chucks and deuces pay these hoes no attention
But yet that don't stop them from choosing
I'm poured up, remi, just ice, just like that
Mud touch burning, the sour and kush with windows cracked
And I'm feeling amazing, riding dolo so I drop the top
To let the rays in, while plotting on my days in
Somebody daughter in trouble you left it...
And most these hoes are like most of you niggas music, sucking
And that ain't no secret, shit
All I had to do is pull up to pull up with your bitch nigga
But you can keep her
What you though hoe... We keep them on the team
Just for our personal benefit, huh?

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