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The Tuna Helpers – Evil Queen lyrics

Meet the queen
She will feed you her jellybean babies
Crying "sugar!" in her tummy
She is fat she is mean
But she will never be stingy with her honey
And I've never tasted so sweet in my life
Fingers and toes as sticky as rice
I've never tasted so sweet
So I think she must be wonderful
(how can it be? It tastes so sweet!
Its just honey but it's poisoning me!)
Now the king claps his hands
And three tiny little people begin dancing
With our bodies
And this king he is fat enough to hide 100 daggers underneath his purple robe
I've never tasted so sleepy in my life
Sugar plum fairies keep shutting my eyes
I've never tasted so sleepy so I close my eyes
And now we have fallen underneath a purple cloud
I hear a woman laugh as I feel my tongue fall out
I've never tasted so afraid
(underneath his purple robe,
The honey is our only hope...
My eyes are swollen my mouth is open
The honey is our only hope...)
She's a mother she'll feed you twice once with sugar
And twice with her knife
Meet the queen
She feeds tongues to her jellybean babies
Crying "sugar!" in her tummy

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