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The Scene Aesthetic – Beauty In The Breakdown lyrics

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    True love. Two teens fall in love and they realize that it's real and they do everything that they can to keep it alive. But people don't want to see them together, so they have to keep it on the downlow and they go through hard times but they always pull through.
    Exactly like me and my ex. Except it didn't work out in the end. And I lost him. But it's okay, because I have an amazing new boyfriend. But that doesn't mean that I don't look back on the past two years and wonder what would have happened if we had just taken the time to listen to eachother and try to save it. Because the constant arguing just wore me down until I finally broke. :/
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    All so true. I fell out big time with my best friend and we didn't talk for about a month, he sed we were too close and we spent too much time together. I missed him so much. We made up in the end and do occasionally spen time together, he has moved on and has another girl now, but its still hard to be away from him. When we are togther now things are like they used to be and sometimes I wish that me and him could have worked, everyone thort we were so right for each other!
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    Two young people meet and become close, fall for each other and want to be together, but something is there stopping them. But they get together and make a go of things.
    Then they fall apart, but in the end they end up back together and try again because they have realised tht they realli do have a close relationship and something that is really special and they don't want to lose it.
    Kinda like something I went thru this summer, got close to a lad n we got 2gether but it didn't work, but we still realli close friends, I still have the feelings but can't say nethin or I will lose him. He told me bout this song and called it ours! I have loved it ever since x
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