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The Reign Of Kindo – Hold Out lyrics

My memory is fleeting with age
As I prepare to touch my pen to the fiber of this page
All the ink will run dry long before
I can write my final tale
, given all that lies in store

I'm holding on for dear life
I barrel through the good times
After crawling through the strife
Every moment passing never to return
I'm getting along in my days.
Sipping through the sadness for the calm of better days

So long as I keep breathing,
I can find my way.

I just can't give in. World's so dead that I am living in.
I hold out for something else,
Something words can never tell.
Can't tell.

From my way beyond the darkest straight into the light.
If all else fails I'll have my wits to guide me through the night.
I don't dare to turn my head to either side.
It all leads me to sway.
Like the words that people say.
But they won't sweep me away, not today.

I just can't give in. World's so dead that I am living in.
I hold out for something else.
Something bigger than, something better than,
Something I can stand to find.
Yeah yeah.

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