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The Presets – This Boy's In Love lyrics

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    "skies" has connotations of freedom, which leads me to interpret "I stole the keys to the skies" as 'unlocking' the secrets of freedom, I. E. Purging yourself of negative feelings, removing youself from a bad relationship, etc. This seems to set the mood for the rest of the song. The lyrics "we'll leave this place for the final time, no crying words or goodbyes.." connect with the idea of a newfound freedom and leaving a negative stage of your life and searching for a new beginning.
    "this time fight fire with fire" suggests that this negativity in life (perhaps a relationship, depression, something else) has existed for a long time, and that the best way to rid yourself of these feelings is to resist or put up a fight.
    "cause baby tonight the world belongs to you and I" suggests two people in love running off together, perhaps people don't accept their relationship (a previous guy hypothesised that it could be 2 boys in love with each other, and how they're running away because they don't have the acceptance that they're looking for - I definately see that as a possibilty). "its dark" connotes evil and may signify the hardships that are involved with separating yourself from negitivity.
    And that's what I think it's mostly about(:
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