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The Mr. T Experience – Leave The Thinking To The Smart People lyrics

Leave the thinking to the smart people
They're good a being bright
Leave the anger to the young men
Leave the darkness to the night

Keep your feelings deep inside you
So they'll always be around
Keep your comments to a minimum
The more you say, the worse you sound

Don't be sad, just be you
We'll try to find something for you to do

Get behind the beautiful people
You were never born to lead
Save your tears to the future, baby
You'll never know how much you'll need

Don't bother figuring it out
It always takes you far too long
Leave the thinking to the smart people
You know you'd only do it wrong

Don't feel bad,
Eventually we'll figure out
Something for you to be

Pretty girls and aggressive boys
Take everything that they can get
It doesn't leave a lot for you, I know
It's easy to forget
You've got yourself
Cause no one's interested
So they won't take that away
You've got your place in the world
Cause no one wants it
So, baby, you're here to stay

So hang on to your insigificance
It's really all you've got
You're small, you might fall through the cracks
And you just might have a shot

So leave the thinking to the smart people
Behind the beautiful people

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