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The Fray – How To Save A Life lyrics

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  • r
    I know this song is about suicide, however it is so very personal to me. I confronted a friend, a couple years ago, about some very wrong things he had done to me and to others. He tried to walk away, and I got him to listen; he pretended to agree or at least see what I was saying, but all along as I looked at him I saw pain and anger and aging and brokenness. I couldn't save him, not with love and not with confronting him; I still can't. It is the one thing I would give my life for - this man and his reconciliation - but it would not matter. I lost my friend not that night but long before that night, and that was just the first time I admitted it. I miss you, eric - please, please, please - turn around and see that you can't run from you.
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  • j
    This song is composed and sang by Isaac Slade in memory of his close friend who died saving his (Isaac's) life in a car accident. It's natural between friends or lovers to have misunderstanding. What's more important is for them to talk it over and accept for what they are. Say what they really mean to each other before it's too late. The Fray sings with deep feelings, touching every one's heart with his great piano playing. It is indeed painful and unforgetable to lose a friend by giving up his life for you like Isaac's.
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  • kk_pac
    I think anyone who's ever watched a friend destroy himself thru addiction would totally identify with this song. You know he's lying, acting like he's got everything under control, n it just makes you so angry that he refuses to see what he's doing to himself. You try to make him aware, try to tell him he's wrong, but he keeps on saying everything's fine, that he's in control. You feel as if he doesn't hear you, n you pray that he wakes up, you try not to get angry, but its so hard. Just waitin 4 him to say he's wrong all along, or take that final step.
    N then, he does destroy himself, n you know you did what you can, but it still feels not good enough, you're left with 'what if'. You know you wud have done anything to prevent what happened, but its too late, n all that's left is d guilt that maybe, you didn't try hard enough.
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  • m
    I think this song is about someone who had a rlly good friend. But lost them to an argument. In the beginning the friend comes to, I guess, dicuss the situation, but he explains tht although this was his friend. He rlly wasnt interested "he stares politely back at you, you stare politely right on thru" he says he "stays between the wall of fear and blame and he begins to wonder why he came" he strts having 2nd thoughts about saving their friendship. In the 2nd and 3rd verse's he explains tht the fight is over his friend hanging out with the wrong kinda people "drive until you lose the road ..or break with the ones you follow" he's saying either stop hanging out with them or you'll wind up dead. Then his friend says its not his new friends. He's just changed "or he'll say he's just not the same" the whole chorus is the singer saying tht whole situation could've been avoided had he been more of a friend. Rather then letting "bitterness" come between them.
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  • Glasswatar
    This song is about friendships, but one thing I never got was what did it mean, "How to save a life?" Thx to Tinktastic I understand. Its so sad and I know a couple of people who are pretty close to suicidal and at times I have to give everything up so my friends won't kill themselves. It's hard and I can understand the pain from this song, when if I fail, I'll feel exactly what it means.
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