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The Follow Through
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The Follow Through

So High lyrics

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The Follow Through – So High lyrics

Lets turn the lights down low, oh
Turn the lights down, I got a movie
We can watch until you fall asleep on my chest
So tell me right now, oh
So tell me right now, is there any place
You'd rather be other than here, lets forget the rest
And I swear I swear when I first saw you
And talked to you, you'd give me purpose
With every single word you'd say
You took my breath away

I am so high I'm never coming down
Because you're mine, and you've decided to stay around
And as time is taken away, you stay the same, you stay the same
You stay here with me

And our futures are splitting us apart as we speak
We'll get to that when it comes around
None of that really matters now
Because you're here with me
So tell me you love me, because it makes me feel alive
For the first time
I love you too

Tell me how long we have up here
Away from everything we fear
Cause I don't wanna come back down tonight
I swear I will fight until we're the last to stand
Until it's you left holding my hand
And oh our love will burn so bright

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Submitted byPOLOL


  • u
    This song seems to be my life. Everyone I have ever loved has left and the relationship I am in now is currently being ripped apart because of his family. We spend hours upon hours just being content with eachothers presence. Will it be enough for him to stay? Maybe he will, but "none of that really matters now, we'll come to that when it comes around, because[he] is here with me).
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  • u
    Well, I'm not sure of the meaning of this song. This guy. That I am absolutely in-love with showed me it. We were on skype, and he sent me the link to the song. He lives in south dakota. He's turning 18 on the 27th of this month. And he's going into the military. But he has to go his training in june. And I won't be able to talk to him for two months. But. In april, he is saving up money to come see me. I'm so excited, and happy. When he comes back from his training and stuff, he's going to get transferred here. He's going to be kind of like a "side line" guard. When they need him, he'll go out to battle. I'm so scared for that moment. : l
    But I know that. This song is one of the most precious things I have ever heard. It's so beautiful, and the lyrics are amazing.
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  • z
    This song makes me think of a girl in a bad relationship who finds someone who is absolutely perfect for her. They Both like each other so theyre always sneaking around together. She is always crying because she doesn't know what to do. So the guy that she likes does everything he can to get rid of the other guy so they can be together in the end. I think that should a movie. Or the music video. And I'm thinking that this might happen to me in the future. :/
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