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(featuring Slick Rick)

(Intro: spoken)
That's f****d up, yeah.


The new world

I'd like to make a small dedication tonight to the b*****s of the world
Now to make this understood, I'm gonna explain somethin' to you
Check this out
To be a b***h, you don't necessarily have to have a p***y in your pants
(True indeed, true indeed)
In fact
Most, if not all, of the b*****s I know (That's right)
Have little peckers, little dicks

A b***h ain't nothin'
But a m*******a that wanna come up
From another m*******a
Hard work
Don't make no sense to these muthafuckas
Dumbass muthafuckas
Now to make it real clear I'm gonna explain it to ya in a story form
Like this here
Check this out

I remember the way it started
Once upon a time
When a n***a named Dre came, n***a got signed
Ruthless n***a, everything is all good
You the s**t, 'cause you rollin' wit' some Boyz-N-the-Hood
No One Can Do it Better, see, 'cause I'm an md
And when I f**k it up, you give me 25 G's
Eazy-E said, "Yeah, oh yeah!"
So I took it
Forget the paperwork
The money made me overlook it

I rose up quick from the pit I was in
450 0300 Benz
Nothin' but ends, money bought friends
Got me in a cross [?]
Now everything's lost
This is when I found out
"Look at this shit!"
You is slippin'
You ain't gonna believe what that n***a did
"My shit fucked up, Dre, you need to look"
"I ain't trippin', yo, I think your little homie, he a crook"

The spot got shook, it was hell below
Is that the future shock?
Hell, no, it's Death Row
I was all in because of the begin
Think they would see
Yo, we all gon' win
So "The Chronic" was upon us, the music awards
But I was still broke at the crib when they toured
The album soared and I got bored
With n****s talkin' s**t, they came upon a [?]

Ain't that a b***h?

I coulda been the star dude
Or maybe I shoulda stabbed out like Ice Cube
But what about your Dogg?
Who? Snoop? We was tight
I hung around, we'd get together when he'd write
In the Pound, that's the way it come to [?]
When it's goin' down, n****s is in whatever
I went outside for a minute and came back
N****s was talkin' crazy like they wanted me to rap
So I did somethin' from the old lp
"Damn! That's that shit!"
"That's what a nigga want to see"

Visit the Windy City and [?]
Rock over 17, 000 G's
I recognized game
The s**t was kinda funny
F****d-up voice s**t, n***a make money
He came back and here comes the glory
And this is the way I'm gonna end this story

I was only 19
Lookin' for a dream
From what I put out
I never got a fu***n' thing
This and the wreck was the f****d-up part
It's just a little somethin' about some real heart

From Ruthless to Death Row do we all part
B*****s, see ya
Trick-a**, trick-a** b***h


(Once upon a time not long ago...)
(A brother tried to play me like a kid, so I just dissed him)

(It's like a message that only I can understand)

(Keepin' it dope as long as I can rock a mansion)
(Remember this forever!)

People in the house, I'm gonna let 'em know
I'm gonna let 'em know, my n***a

Comin' with the B-O-M-B

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