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The County Medical Examiners – Y-Shaped Thoracoabdominalincision lyrics

Alphabetic... diagram Of...
... the gross exam Medical...
examiners are detectives who, forensically Sift
through a body of evidence It's
rarely simple as, you can see The... organs are on The
inside We
open up the corpse to find the clues that point to An
explanation that might make sense Let's
crack the cadaver open for a little peek and Document
what we find With...
... scalpel in hand I...
... hatch the plan Whether...
man woman, child-the, procedure is always the Same
the medicolegal autopsy isn't very hard The
thoracoabdominal incision is the name of this Turgidly
morbid game And
the letter "Y" is the shape that we must carve All...
me's worth their salt keep a blade of their own And
have their scalpel professionally sharpened Polished,
and, honed Because
of it's ability to cut through skin meat, Gristle,
and, bone We
keep track of it from the opening of the corpse to When
it is sewn I...
... must confess This...
... will make a mess The...
... stiff is ripe and putrefied I...
... scalpel the mephitic skin And...
... trace the letter "Y" So...
... the autopsy begins In...
order to field dress this cadaver we cut from the Bottom
of the neck to above the crotch Some
pathologists prefer to first puncture the bloated Corpse
to release built-up methane gas Simply
grasp the scalpel and apply downward pressure At
the jugular notch You'll
find the skin will slice like butter revealing, Subcutaneous
tissue and ballooning yellow fat No...
... time to flinch Only...
... amateurs cringe Draw...
the blade down over the body of the sternum and Breastplate
the manubrium and xiphoid process and Costoxiphoid
ligament group Split
the rectus abdominal muscle without a measure of Haste
stop and wipe your brow and take a moment to Recoup
back the flayed skin and shear it from the muscle Sides
the retractors spread, the carcass wide Costal
cartilage snaps from each of the ribs so we may Look
inside The
inner organs sit on display-glistening-with Nothing
to hide You've...
... earned your degree In...
... the art of necropsy The...
... stiff is ripe and putrefied I...
... scalpel the mephitic skin And...
... trace the letter "Y" So...
... the autopsy begins

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