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The Click Five – Don't Let Me Go lyrics

I can see your shadow laying in the moonlight
I can feel your heartbeat playing on my right side
Every night I long for this, makin' up what I miss
I can hear you breathing letting out a sad sigh

You try so hard to hide your scars
Always on your guard

Don't, don't let me go
Don't make me hold on when you're not
Don't, don't turn away
What can I say so you won't
No don't, don't let me go...

I can see the skyline fading in the distance
Tears are comin' down
I'm trying just to make sense
I don't listen to the radio just the engine and the road
I wonder if my words are makin' any difference

I dream and then it seems to end
But always comes again


I'm comin' down
To where you're standing
I need you now or you'll be watchin'
Me hit the ground
With crash landing...


Don't let me go...
Don't let me go...

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Submitted byLVavril
Corrected byilay


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    Judging from the music video, it seems like what the artist trying to say is that many people are being abused both physically, and mentally, but they don't talk about it. They try to 'hide their scars', and they keep their emotions to themselves. Some of these people are never going to ask for help and are also ready to just give up in life, but the artist is trying as hard as possible to save the victims by 'holding on' to them, and talk them into not giving up, to have hope etc. I think that another message of the video of this song is saying that these terrible things are happening to people around us every single day, but we are 'blind folded' and we are just isolated in our own little happy world and are not opening our eyes to see the bigger picture.
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    This song trying to tell us that peoples always turn to blind eye n just ignore while the crime is happen evrywhere to the innocent peoples such as woman n kids. . They don't hve a power to keep themselves safe when there are somebody that not responsible n not hve humanity to use woman n kids to get money. . N we just pretend not see what happen in front of us. . In truth we know how suffered they are. . You can see the video clip of this song. . (sorry my english bad).
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