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The Chronicles – Rebel On A Level lyrics

You had a nightmare.
I came to your tomorrow and rained down a fire like Gomorrah or Sodom.
Mama dreams swinging from the noose like Saddam.
Throw old boots on telephone poles.
Tell hell I'm on hold and I might lower heaven to opera scores.
That's drama!
Some jackass try kaka on the dapa?
Na ah...
Spray metaphores like Binnaca or metasixteens.
I'm better when grabbing this thing.
He=Mc squared.
East ambassador.
Yah that things got Kitty Kats (shocking out).
So cowards make me want to be a Louisville Slugger.
Straight bug out, face masked like a mugger.
Mase, nah patience a Scooby Doo lover.
Mystery. Aint no clues to unravelling the brother.
Plates is from southern Maryland.
Full barrel in a verse.
Bullet proof appareling covering the crew while he sing. Wile E. Coyote schemes can't harm me or the squad!

I heard em say some where between the bass and the treble is a rebel on a level
Yeah the legend say somewhere between the bass and the trebel is a rebel on a level
Yeah and the shottas say somewhere between the bass and the treble is a rebel on a level.
Yah kid so set it straight. Somewhere between the bass and the treble is a rebel on a level.

My nigga breathing with a hardened heart beat.
Ez Chico.
In his garden we spar hard, forbidden trees grow.
One law, just draw and pull off the cheeb slow.
Ez. Hollered at him after his arraignment.
His girl's complaining.
Hun get all these Jamaicans out my basement.
His house ram out.
He aint put in his shoelaces yet.
Jesus gems, spent grands on a fake tooth.
Got his back tatted up, one G he tipped two.
6-2 grams on the pinky, diamond crust.
That's two ounces.
Two pound chain looks like a slinky.
Money clip in one hand say in God we trust.
Torn money's taped money.
Take money.
Our moneys crinkled.
Armani suits we been through that.
Came back to Tim boots and zipping up bubble jackets.
With key. To the city, he tell me Jah the street got you on l-o-c-k just to set you straight


Take the beat!
Take the cheese!
Take the streets!
Takes an mc plus to hustle on the double.
Take the trouble.
Take the struggle.
Take the hunger.
The longer you waiting your enemies are straight taking.
Take my freedom.
Take a beating.
Take me to your leader.
Take a trip state side to escape.
Remove everything from a king aint a thing.
As long as the east settled that's steam like a kettle plus...


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