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The Casual Terrorist – I Might Be A Peasant lyrics

Some go to private school and some go to state,
Some fight for love and some fight for hate
Some wear a suit to hide what they lack,
But we're the anarchists and the outlaws,
The peasants and the thieves,
And we're taking our communities back

The councils want profit so they tear down peoples homes,
Rich bastards come and build over their bones,
They build their gastro pubs and fancy wine bars
While the local people are made to sleep out in their cars
But you yuppies better run, aye we'll see you fall
We'll tear down your buildings brick by brick and wall by wall

Well I went to demonstrate down at Parliament Square
Got battered by a copper just for being there,
Got taken to the station and put beneath the lights,
Was left there to rot for 3 fucking nights
Just for being on the fringes of your society
But I refuse to help you and your economy

Well in two months they'll drag me from my bed
Beat me around my fucking head
Take me to a prison to change my ways
Beat me to a pulp to make me obey
But I am just a single grain of sand
And that is something this government will never understand
Cause you can beat my bones and pull my teeth
But there'll always be outlaws out on your streets

Well I might be a peasant but I know what is right
I might be a peasant but I'm still gonna fight
I might be a peasant and you might be a king
But you can't ever change the songs that I sing
Cause I am an anarchist I'll be one til I die
You'll never change me no matter how you try
I am an anarchist, will be one til I die
You wont change me mate no matter how you fucking try
I am an anarchist an outlaw and a thief
So lets live and love, cause don't you know this life is brief

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