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The Bella Cullen Project – Bella's Lullaby lyrics

Life was like a moonless night
Shrouded in the stars
Beauty can be such a fright
But now you're in my arms

You are my life now
Can't you see
I'd cross oceans
I'd swim seas
To be with you
That's enough for me.

Your face is like a poison
Intoxicating me
How can we live forever
When our love can never be.

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Submitted byRock-Goddess


  • u
    I think it to me represents love and compassion. It speaks to me. I am someone who isn't all spiritual, I'm a kid, I'm a kid who believes in love, and finding love one day and I know when I will find that one person who says to me that I am his life, or just oves me for me the moment I see or get to know him that song will play in my head.
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  • d
    In his life before he met her thereasno beuty that hecould love or care for. Not even any hope of it(moon). Then its how it may be frightning 4 both but he want to comfortand protect her and let he no that he's there for her. She gave him the hope of love he needed. Edwrd wants bella 2 nothat she is part of him and he would give his life 4 her, an undying love. The reference to nature shows that, just like nature it can b rough at times and sumtimes smooth goin but their love'll neva stop or become less. The last bit is about how he finds her so painfully beautiful and that though itcan hurt that they can neva be 2getha (he thinks) he still will endure the pain just to be in love with her.
    Soz I no way 2 long. But I love that relationship between B n E its so, unique, but normal, and yet theres something about it. Oookkkaaay then. Way 2 deep. Anywho, twilight is awsumness @ its best! D^_^b
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