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Taylor Swift – Tied Together With A Smile lyrics

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    This song means alot to me, and not because its about me, but I feel like I sing this song to my best friend, she doesn't think shes beautiful, but I do and she just doesn't see the inside beauty. Shes amazing, and my favorite part is "hold on baby your loosin it... Ur tied together with a smile, but your comin undone" because this reminds me so much of her.
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    This is my favorite song of taylor. :) it really cheers me up. I always view myself as someone who is not as good everyone. I know that I'm academically good, had really high grades and that's makes me think I'm totally smart. But I'm not satisfied. Everyone especially my classmates and my friends viewed me as very simple silent, serious one with an innocent face. Sometimes I feel that they treat me differently. Even if I'm together with my friends, I feel that I'm alone and not on the same place. Maybe because I'm so quiet and people always misunderstood me. My mom also compared me to the other girls at my age, 15. She thinks that I'm not as preety as them. It hurts me. I know in some point it's true because I'm not like them who takes their time grooming their selves. I'm the one who got books on my hands and not the one who always hold her comb or makeup. I always think that no one really understand me and sometimes mistaken. Thanks to taylor I feel better. : d
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    I can really relate to this song. My friends, even if I know they're true tome, always think I'm the bright one. That I'm a popular one. But the truth is, I'm experiencing some problems right now. No one but me has any idea about it. Sometimes I even fake a smile. I always sacrifice for other but they don't. Some don't even thank me. I just wish they'll return everything I've given and sacrificed for them.
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    I really relate to this song. I've always been the girl in the back of the room that no one wants to talk to. I rarely smil, but when I do its always fake. And my friends really don't get me. I got put in foster in october, and my friends said the reason why I got put in foster care is because I have problems. I really don't have a true friend. My so called best friend thinks she better than me because she gets to sing a solo in the school musical. She always gets the better parts just because her parents pay the school director to get her a singing part. Its so unfair. She always says that I'm ugly and that I'm fat which most of the time I believe. Shes the oly one left. Well I have a bf but he isn't any help. My mother hates me. My brother is a jerk. And my dad has no idea whats going on. Sometimes I just don't know what to do. I know you guys probably wont read this but to the ones that do thanks for reading this I know that some people care.
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    It's about a girl who has having problems but sharing it to no one and she don't let nobody to know about that. But still another girl reads her mind and thinks that she need someone may be her love or a friend to whom she can share everything and that another girl, taylor, wants to be someone to whom she can share her problems, and this song is about her sang by another girl, I. E. , taylor swift. : '(
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