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T-Pain – Welcome To Thr33 Ringz Intro lyrics

[Circus Intro]


Hate this shit, man.
Gotta do this shit every night, man.
I'm so sick of this "circus" shit.
So sick, listen to this; everybody clapping and shit.
This nigga singing and shit,
Cause he "ringleader."


(Gorilla Zoe):
Why you say all that shit, nigga?

I'm just sa ying,
This nigga think he the "ringleader" and shit;
Fuck that motherfucker.


(Gorilla Zoe):
I know one thing;
If motherfucker 'Pain
Knew we was out here,
Smoking' in his Cadillac
Right outside the tent--
This nigga mad as fuck...

*Clicks Tongue*
Fuck 'Pain,
Fuck this "clown" shit;
I can't be a "clown."


(Gorilla Zoe):
I'm sayin';
I gotta do what
I gotta do.

Fuck that nigga,
I can't be a "clown."

(Gorilla Zoe):
I got kids, nigga.

Nigga, all we perform
Is for kids;
F*Ck this sh*T.

(Gorilla Zoe):
Well, this is
What we do, nigga.

(Young Ca$h):


(Gorilla Zoe):
Shit; dropped
Dropped it!

(Young Ca$h):
Nigga, get your
Shit together;
We doin' a brand new
Show tonight--
You niggas,
Stop smoking' in my
Fuckin' Cadillac.

Nappy boyyyyyyy
Uhnh---uhh, uhnhh---uhhhh
Thr33 Ringz...
Class "clown" Jump.
Third time around y'all.

If I was just to step into ring,
And outta the box
Would e'rybody be on my...
Or will I stop?
Say hello to my lil' friend,
Heyy; styles change up like Lil' Kim.
Fake, I let my heat swang,
T-Pain, so active homeyy
Da way da beat bump;
Niggas tryna get proactive on meh
But I done, cleared
Da rumors.
E'rything in the open.
Now you know how
Big the room is.
Tell 'em what the
Truth is;
Dey can't handle it.
They think a nigga's
Slicker than a
Mayonnaise sandwich---
But they be like,
"... G-G---G-AWW-DAMMIT."
This nigga pocket fatter than
Sanna Claus.
Ohhhhhh... !
This nigga career big,
Like some granny drawers.
Had to get a piano to put
His Grammy on.
Yeahhhh, Ferrari, Bentley, Escalade,
Beamer, Bentley Coupe,
Cut the checks,
Let's get paid.
Fuck a Vette,
Make it rain,
I don't cover shit up
Like a transfer-tini.
I give a damn if you see me
I'mma did what I does.
I ain't doin' shit wrong,
Like I'm kissin' my cousin.
I know you wanna hear
Something' different.
Ain't you tired of his shit?
Ain't you curious about this shit?
Even if you picked the shit up
From a distance.
At least stand still, for a second
And listen.
I'm telling' you now,
It ain't a thing.
I got the "bling-bling" of
A rapper, but I sing,
So welcome to Thr33 Ringz.

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