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Supreme – Gettin Money lyrics

Feat. Jclay, And Swateezy

[Chorus - Supreme]
Ha, you know we we
We gettin money
I'm stackin paper to the ceiling cuz
We gettin money
I got you niggas lookin silly cuz
We gettin money
And all the time we, all the time
We gettin money

[Verse 1 - jclay]
Loan get the product
Product get the paper
Got that paper and that plastic
So it's haaa to the haters
Ba Baaa to the haters
Fade away, I'm gettin little
Wallet in my pocket
Money in the middle
Watch thangs change
Now she laugh at my riddles
You can't have my bread
But can take this pickle
Make it rain?
No I make it drizzle
Penny, dime, nickel, nickel, ha
I'm cheap ho
That way I keep mo
Money than a free thow
Nigga call me chee-to
Cuz it ain't easy
Yes it is
Oh you got debt?
You need clothes for yo kids?
All man
That's how you live
Tell em Supreme
(Man fuck them kids)
Ah, that's disrespectful
I feel sorry for you
God gone bless you
And I'm gone party for you


[Verse 2 - Supreme]
I talk it like I get it get it
Guilty and I won't get acquitted
Hustling everything in my city
Pimp and I make her pop her titty
Run with them gangsters handling they business
Come on down and pay us a visit
Done sell dope but I'm so dope I promise I'm keeping you lifted
It's no joke I won't go broke
I'm always collecting commission
Roll solo when I hit the store
And I never have a restriction
That's a no no so don't go bro
You can't keep up you need to condition
I need four hoes in a hotel
With no doze that's completing my mission
I'm getting paper
Paper balling like the Lakers
Haters break them off like breakers
And waiters tell them all see you later
I'm a boss I paid the cost for this
So play your roll don't cross me trick
Now pay attention and come and watch me floss a bit


[Verse 3 - Swateezy]
I'm throwin 3 stacks no outkast because we do it big boi
That fast cash I earned my stripes, tiger with a bit that Siegfried and Roy
I don't play boy no Hugh Heffner, killin bitches that helter skelter
The roof gone but she give me dome you can say she gave this dude shelter
Damn ya boy special Mr. Takeyogirlfriend
Take her to my crib she blowin harder then a whirlwind
Bitch it's Slip, Nuff Said
I'm throwin up bread like my stomach upset
Uh, we in this bitch like a c-section
I got a smart phone so I get brain while I'm textin
And she so good with the intellect
So I came to her chin like a turtle neck


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