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Sum 41 – With Me lyrics

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  • m
    I came to like this song. When I happen to know this girl, who somehow put color to my dull life. It's just like she fall from the skies and out of the sudden we got some chemistry. But the problem is she's already tied up to someone. I knew somehow she like me, but I think she love her bf too. So maybe, until then. I'll just stay here and hoping that destiny will lead us to something amazing.
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  • u
    For me its always been about those special people you meet in life who help through the hardest times. The people you never want to let go of, because they've made such an impact and a little part of them will always be in your soul no matter where life takes you. These are the people who you will always remember, who you will think about on your deathbed. The people who kept you from that bed more times than you'd ever bother to count. The people you will never ever stop loving because they will always be there for you, they are the truest form of family; the family you picked. But that's just my little opinion on it. Have a nice day loves :).
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  • u
    This song reminds me of better days, I always said when I was with my ex I wanted to live in thse moments over, never move from them so I store them in my brain, now they haunt me but things will never be the same, she holds a part of me and she got a new boyfriend 2 weeks after we ended a 2 year relationship, she thinks nothing of me, I think of her everyday. Its funny how things change. This songs a good reminder.
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  • c
    This song reminds me of my bff, I got to know through my schoolmate who used to sit beside me during through secondary 3 & 4, she was his ex girlfriend though, She was the second girl I talked to. We used to go out quite often in the past in 2007 and often talked about our problems with our love life, infact vaguely I remembered at suntec in toy's are us early in 2007 and the place we sat outside suntec and such. , although we were just bff, I just didn't know why I just kept wanting to meet her like she was the world to me. Though we've been through a lot. For the past 4 years. This song just reminds me and how special she is. Yep, I love my monster.
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  • a
    When I heard this from my 17 yr. Old brother listening from our comp., I already asked him what is the title of this song. You know why? I loved the tune. I didn't understand the lyrics at first but when I red this. I am very touched and I thought that the 1st person who wrote the meaning of this song, I belived that its true. Its very touching. Love it!~_~.
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