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Sum 41 – Fat Lip lyrics

Stormin' through the party like my name was El Niсo
When I'm hangin' out drinkin' in the back of an El Camino
As a kid, was a skid and no one knew me by name
Trashed my own house party 'cuz nobody came

I know I'm not the one you thought you knew back in high school
Never goin', never showin' up when we had to
Attention that we crave, don't tell us to behave
I'm sick of always hearin' act your age

I don't wanna waste my time
Become another casualty of society
I'll never fall in line
Become another victim of your conformity
And back down

Because you don't
Know us at all we laugh when old people fall
But what would you expect with a conscience so small?
Heavy metal and mullets it's how we were raised
Maiden and priest were the gods that we praised

'Cuz we like havin' fun at other people's expense and
Cuttin' people down is just a minor offense then
It's none of your concern, I guess I'll never learn
I'm sick of bein' told to wait my turn

I don't wanna waste my time
Become another casualty of society
I'll never fall in line
Become another victim of your conformity
And back down

Don't count on me, to let you know when
Don't count on me, I'll do it again
Don't count on me, it's the point you're missin'
Don't count on me, cause I'm not listenin'

Well I'm a no goodnick lower middle class brat,
Back packed and I don't give a shit about nothin'
You be standin' on the corner talkin' all that kufuffin
But you don't make sense from all the gas you be huffin'
'Cause if the egg don't stain you'll be ringin' off the hook
You're on the hit list wanted in the telephone book
I like songs with distortion, to drink in proportion
The doctor said my mum should have had an abortion...

I don't wanna waste my time
Become another casualty of society
I'll never fall in line
Become another victim of your conformity
And back down
Waste my time with them
Casualty of society
Waste my time with them
Victim of your conformity
And back down

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  • amanduhox35
    This song is awesome! I totally agaree that society has this picture of how we should act and who ever breaks the mold gets a hard time. People need to mind their own damn business and let people live their own lives and do what they want. I hate people that are always so concerned with what othe people are doing. I'm flattered when someone cares enough about what I'm doing to tell me about it, although id rather they just mind their own business and leave me alone for once in my life. I think if everyone just minded their own business and stoped worring about what other people think or what other people were doing, the world would be a better place.
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  • justmylife
    Omg I love this song. To me I think its the best song ever by sum 41. Also I just relized the led singer of sum 41 I avril laveines husband.
    This song rocks out loud! If you don't like this song you suck! I love sum 41! Sum 41 is the best band ever! Rock and roll baby we got soul baby up and down baby move it all arounld! Woa! Every one post A comment to this song.! It needs more comments! If your A fan of sum41 post A comment! Stop reading this and post A comment! I love this song! Soo much its my favorite song by sum 41!
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  • h
    I love this song and what the guys are saying! I really wish people would just leave eachother alone! And I do like having fun at other people's expenses, but they know I'm just playing around! Lols. And if not. Oh well. But I like to enjoy life like they are saying, and I hate when people tell me not to just because they're obsessed with noney and appearances. I honestly don't care.
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