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Styx – Little Suzie lyrics

Somebody lookin' for the answer,
Somebody dyin' to cut a deal
Somebody got a cure to cancer,
Somebody drunk behind the wheel
But me, I'm just tryin' to find my little Suzie

Somebody bustin' illegal aliens,
Somebody burnin' Hollywood
Somebody tryin' to shoot the president,
Someone abused and misunderstood
But, me, I'm just holding up a sign for little Suzie

Somebody reachin' out for Jesus,
Somebody lookin' for a sign
Somebody said they spotted Elvis,
He was healin' the sick and leadin' the blind
But me, I'm just tryin' to make some time for my little Suzie
Yeah me, I'm sneakin' up behind,
Don't you hear me say

I won't surrender,
I will survive,
So help me Jesus
We'll be together until the end of all space and time
Everybody's got an infomercial,
Everybody's psychic on the phone
Somebody had a sex change reversal,
Somebody thinks nobody knows
Somebody cryin' out for justice,
Somebody shootin' someone' skid
Somebody caught the perpetrator,
Somebody swears they never did
But me, I'm just makin' time for my little Suzie
Yeah me, I'm playin' my guitar for my little Suzie

The world is gonna turn from here until doomsday
But I don't give a damn long as I've got little Suzie

I won't surrender, I will survive, so help me Jesus
We'll be together until the end of all space and time

Somebody's awaiting execution,
Somebody's dyin' to pull the switch
Somebody cries another martyr,
Somebody screams 'fry the son of a bitch'
But me, I'm just spending time with little Suzie
Yeah me, I'm playing my guitar for little Suzie
Oh me, I'm safe in the arms of little Suzie

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