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Stephen Speaks – Passenger Seat lyrics

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    Hey released in 2003 eh. I remember in our field trip at the dark in the bus isee my friends image in the window of the bus she telling me if theres anything I would like to have, I said I got all I need here in the passenger seat, then the good part then I said our love will forever grows in filipino then she like gasp or something maybe she thought I love her like real love since I love her like friend back because I'm her bestfriend then. Now I really love her so much that like obsessed with her like singing to her even though I'm far away from her didint get enough sleep like really never sleep because I was like listening to radio because she likes song and stuff and like talking to myself its very sad but very good feeling since she is my first and last love I also though she is my soul mate or something.
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    Yeah like what other says. The boy can't tell his feelings to the girl just like what I had read on the ebook. Super "torpe". This song is reminding me of someone. The boy whom I fell inlove. But then sadly he lives far away and I know that he likes me but cannot tell it directly. Hay. That's life. If we are meant to be it will happen. Hope he will come back soon. :(
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    Naalala ko ang song na ito nung nasa kolehiyo pa ako. I guess ang nais ipahiwatig ng awiting ito ay may pagkakataon sa buhay natin na kapag nagkakagusto tayo sa isang tao ay hindi natin nasasabi kasi wala tayong lakas ng loob. Dahil sa lihim na pagtingin tayo nagi-guilty na tayo kasi akala ng taong iyun kaibigan lang ang pagtingin natin sa kanya deep inside ay may spark na tayong nadarama.
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    This song was really intimidating. And to all people whose going to hear this kinda song they can be relate through its meaning and they didn't know it but they can sing it too when that song was going to play (cause that's the thing I've been experience when I hear this :).
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    As we all know, this is about a guy who loves/ adores this girl sitting beside him in the car. The lyrics as cliche as it may be, is very sweet. When you can witness someone who is very much in love that he can be distracted with just the glimmer of her eyes and that his life completed with just her presence - so romantic. His only problem is he doesn't have the guts to tell her how he feels.
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