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Stephen Speaks – Out Of My League lyrics

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    I met this girl way back in high school. We became steadies but we drifted apart. I do not know why. 30 yrs after, I never knew she was still looking for me. We started out talking about high school and I realized that I was still in love with her. And now I don't want to lose her. I wanted to spend the rest of my life with her. She doesn't know that yet but when I we will see each other again, I think, am not letting her go.
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    It is a self inflicted negative thought that you don't have any chance with the one you love regardless of whether you have or don't have evidence for that. It is the insecurity we feel whenever we found that one person we thought is so perfect for the love we are willing to share. But this song is also a song of contented love even though the one we love will return the affection or not, we still love them. I think this is the very definition of what love is, giving out love without expecting too much, without being possessive.
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    Every time I hear this song I always remember the crush of my best friend. This is his favorite song. He's a sakristan so every time that I and my bestfriend are going to the church she's always looking for her crush. But she didn't know that I had a crush in his crush but then she's my best friend so I just sacrifice my feelings to him coz I don't want to my best friend be mad and I wont sacrifice our friendship just for him. I'm happy when my best friend is happy sabi nga "kung saan sya masaya soporhan kita". To my best friend I really love you. Wag kang mag aalala iyong-iyo na sya. Ehehehehe love you friend.
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    After hearing this song it quickly became my favorite song, because It is very evident that "LOVE" is really that powerful. You tend to do anything for the sake of well being. The good thing is I haven't yet experienced this. However, I have a classmate who is very intelligent, gentleman, and quite arrogant, though his like that, I somehow like him. But, he doesn't notice me at all. But it doesn't matter, anyway there are other guys who worth loving for.
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    This song is my favorite beacause this song gives meaning to those people who are in love but need the time and need to use love in good way. This song really telling what was the feeling when you are being inlove with someone. This song tell us to us first our head before using out heart. Reflect and see what is the real meaning of this song. Different meaning and different persfective in love with this song:)kim'tot: dasma, philippines: p
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