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Starkweather – Unto Me lyrics

(are. Resmini)
If you were to fulfill my desires Imagine the price you'd pay You've
Never felt the anguish That I've hidden inside My pain shared unto you
Drink the tears I've cried Just tell me how hard life is When you
Haven't bled Tell me what you feel As a tear descends Principle of
Pain and pleasure Actions sacred yet profane Within the temple of the
Flesh Private rituals are ordained Dignity torn, ripped to shreds
Innocence lost nothing remains Within blood I've spilled Wash yourself
Clean Reptile she'd your guilt Suffer unto me No one is innocent We
All have our crosses to bear Once you felt you were safe in a familiar
Place Desire and purpose rearranged Stumble over a piece of your past
You wish kept locked away To isolate yourself from misery and pain You
Want to isolate yourself Isolate yourself from the misery and the pain
Cast your pride aside and let your emotions take control It's something
You want to feel so let the tears fall Sifting through remnants of what
You left behind Reopening scars to see what I find Dignity torn,
Ripped to shreds Innocence lost Nothing remains Sifting through
Remnants of what you left behind Dignity torn, ripped to shreds Open
Wounds never mend

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