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Souljahz – Let Go lyrics

Sunny blue skies when my clouds been gray
Glass of cold water on a real hot day
Hot cocoa in the mug when it's cold outside
Like change for the bus when you got no ride
Lemme tell you 'bout a friend who will
Always be around
When your head hangs so low feel it draggin'
On the ground
When you feel like the whole world jumped
On your soul
Breate in breathe out and let go, come on now
One, two what should I do
It hurts me to walk with this hole in my shoe
But I can't complain 'cause at least I got feet
And I don't need no shoes just to groove to the beat
Or to read Psalm 23 when it tells me
The Lord be my shepherd so what else do I need
Or Psalm 91 says
He'll deliver me
If I L-O-V-E the G-O-D
So let go, let go, let go
So let go, let go, let go
So let go, let go, let go
So let go, let go
Let it go, yo, yo, you got yo problems,
You got yo issues, you gotta
Let it go, yeah, came asada with no
Horchata, haha, you gotta
Let it go, uh, you got yo drama, yo baby, yo baby mama
You gotta let it go, yo, you got yo problems
Yo issues and God knows
He's reachin' out for you dawg yo let it go
Yo it's the S-O-you-L-J-A-H-Z
Now lemme see when this beat come back in
How many of yall go crazy
Uh, this is for my ladies
Yeah, 'cause it's all gravy
Uh, this is for my fellas
Yo, holla back at me
Lemme see yo hands up if you done gave yo plans up
Let go and let God brother, run and tell your godmother
If you's an odd number than your digit we gone call
Raa, I'm a Souljah shoot I thought I told yall
Lost my umbrella on a rainy day
Stepped in a puddle goin' on my way
Boss all on my back 'cause I walked in late
But no matter what happened kept a smile on my face
'Cause I know of a friend who will always be there
When the world turns it's back an nobody cares
When you feel like you just can't take no more
Breathe in Breathe out and let go, come on now
One, two, who woulda knew
I ran outta gas now what else can I do
But I can't complain 'cause at least I gotta car
And I don't need no gas to sing to the guitar
Or to read 1st Timothy when it tells me
The Lord gave me ministry so I should take heed
Or 1st John says have no fear in me
If I L-O-V-E the G-O-D

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