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Snoop Dogg – Pop Pop Bang lyrics

[Hook: x2]
Pop pop bang
Do my diddy
Play my game
Rep my city

(If I’m 2, 3 is me)
Baby papa, I’m hot as lava, I gotta be
8 bottles, a lot of models up bada bing
Top dollar, the blue Impala, know what I mean? (yes sir)
Driftin away
You you you can’t keep runnin away
I wanted to say we play the original way
Either you stay, lay the pistol or pay
We official okay
I got cooked up dope sent down from the bay
From my cousin Ricky with the sticky icky
West coast baby just come and fuck with me

[Hook: x2]
Pop pop bang
Do my diddy
Play my game
Rep my city

People come from everywhere
To get a dose of the Cali life
Palm trees and bong weed
Ridin on that sunset night, home of the cribs yea good answers
Relatives gotta live, what it do blood?
On the grind, one time, yea that’s the bizz
Better get some heat when you’re creepin through the beach
To each his own, the beach is long
Turn it up and get yo cc on
And tell em Snoop Dogg sent me to the block
Let it rock while it not
Muthafucka show you how to west coast

[Hook: x2]
Pop pop bang
Do my diddy
Play my game
Rep my city

Ayo wanna keep it gangsta, tell me how do these feel
Puff puff pass, swing it on 3 whips
House party, G niggas
We bang stuff and G shit
When it’s time to get active you know we get seasick
We with the business by any means necessary
You can’t fuck with us homie, real heart and nigga you scary
I’ll pop the cherry, yea she gave it up up in a flash
We wanna bang with Snoop, we wanna bang with Daz
Opposite of G ridin, fly took a wage
Back to the east side, east side’s where we goin
Where the hustlers, bankers, jackers rollin no worries at all
Where you’ll learn the street walk before you learn to crawl
So I’mma… uh…

[Hook: x2]
Pop pop bang
Do my diddy
Play my game
Rep my city

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